VR for ACCIONA’s Kwinana plant

Project: VR for ACCIONA’s Kwinana plant

Client: Acciona

Market: B2B

Tags: Virtual Reality

Date: June 2021


Project made in Virtual Reality to show the characteristics of the plant that transforms waste into energy at Acciona’s plant in Kwinana, Australia.

In this virtual reality experience, we represented the different processes that waste passes through from when it enters in the trucks until it is finally treated and managed. This experience provides different points where users can use the remote controls to interact and implement a hook that transports the waste, for example.


As a virtual reality product where we had to represent the entire plant, showing animated processes and creating interactive resources, the first challenge was to be able to show that amount of information in the experience without rendering issues. Additionally, we had to ensure that the animations were sufficiently explanatory to represent several processes and within these animations to ensure that some animations were interactive.


By using a graphical engine for this task, we integrated the 3D model of the plant into a Virtual Reality scene. We previously had to optimize the polygons so that the scene could move optimally. We created animations of all the processes that had to be shown and we programmed some of them so that they were activated thanks to the user’s interaction with the remote controls.


  • Virtual Reality
  • 3D
  • Animation


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