Virtual Stand for CPSL

Project: Virtual Stand for CPSL

Client: CPSL

Market: B2B

Tags: Virtual Stands

Date: 2021


Virtual stand for CPSL that initially showed an external overview of the 3D stand. This view contains a series of hotspots that show content like videos or take users to a specific room from the stand. In some of the rooms, users can also access services, documents, web links, etc.


This virtual stand was developed from scratch from the 3D point of view by creating a unique model that combined different shapes and structures. The next steps were to include decorative and structural elements to display the company’s information and hotspots that brought users to documents or web links.


This virtual stand was hosted on the client’s server. The different modules that make up the stand’s structure were developed in 3D. Once the initial process was completed, different 360º views were taken which matched each hotspot in order to move virtually through the stand. Once these views were created, we completed them with the interactions such as videos, information points and PDF documents.


  • 360º
  • Cubemap
  • 3D
  • web


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