Client: Valdecarros

Market: B2B

Tags: 3D Videos, Web Platforms

Date: February 2022


Landing page to introduce the Valdecarros project to recover the environment and biodiversity in Edar de la Gavia. This project highlighted the current situation of Edar and how the project had evolved over the years until 2021. The page also shows a comparison of the projection from 2009 with the one from 2021. To do so, 3D materials of the two projects were integrated over real images of the Edar to be able to compare them with a slider. It also shows an interactive map with information of the areas of the Edar and the surrounding areas.


To develop a website to present the elements dynamically as the client requested. The most important part of this site was the comparison of the projects from 2009 and 2021. To do so, apart from programming an interactive slider on the website, we had to integrate 3D materials from the projects from each year over real images of the Edar. Lastly, we created an interactive map that had hotspots which showed information.


We developed this website from scratch using Bootstrap as the layout base, jQuery for interactive resources and CSS animations. To integrate 3D resources, we created installations projected on top of real images of the Edar and even represented replanted trees around the Edar in the project in 2021.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


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