CELLNEX Augmented TowerCo

Project: CELLNEX Augmented TowerCo

Client: Cellnex

Market: B2B

Tags: 3D Videos

Date: January 2022


Video made entirely in 3D that presents the characteristics and facilities of Cellnex’s TowerCo. This project showcases all the information of the installation, both the external and internal machinery, while the camera flew around the equipment.


To provide a dynamic explanation of all the equipment included in the facility. We also had to show equipment inside the booth and its interconnections.


By texturing the components and individually rending the different elements, we were able to highlight the different pieces of equipment which were explained in each area, whether they were outside or inside the booth or inside the structures. Lastly, we created different camera movements to show the desired angle in each case.


  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Animation
  • Video editing



Reproducir video acerca de cellnex dispositivos

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