ALTARAYS landing page

Project: ALTARAYS landing page

Client: Altarays

Market: B2C

Tags: Mobile / App Development, Web Platforms

Date: February 2021


Landing page to promote a VR experience for Altarays. This experience is set in ancient Egypt. On the site you can see an initial 3D image, a descriptive area, screenshots of the experience and a section with a podcast created in relation to the experience.


To create a web space that showed and explained the Altarays virtual reality experience. We also included a podcast section from an outside service.


This site was developed using WordPress at the client’s request. We created a representative 3D image of the experience for the landing page including the slogans for the experience. We included a section that linked with the platforms where the experience was available for sale and another section that showcased screenshots of the game. Lastly, using external resources, we embedded a podcast that the client created about the VR experience.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • WordPress


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