ACB Air Cleaner website

Project: ACB Air Cleaner website

Client: ACB

Market: B2C

Tags: 3D Videos, Web Platforms

Date: February 2021


Website to promote a specific product line from the lighting company ACB. The site presents the AIR CLEANER products, air purifiers which in some models are mixed with lighting systems. The site has a one page format that shows the product characteristics. Additionally, we created 3D animations of each product as part of this project.


To develop a website to present the elements dynamically as the client requested. The client wanted to highlight the 3D videos developed on the website. They needed the product characteristics tables to appear on the website without affecting the legibility when looking at it on mobile devices.


We developed this website from scratch using Bootstrap as the framework, jQuery for interactive resources and CSS animations.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery


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