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We live in a society that’s connected to mobile devices. There is a growing need to develop solutions that reach people anywhere they go that they can use at any time on their device.

The development of mobile Apps is continually growing and providing solutions in healthcare, gamification, free time, training and much more.

What types of Apps can be created?

Not all mobile Apps are the same, there are differences between the different types, the choice of the type to use must match the final result that we expect, as well as the experience that we want to offer users.

The different types of Apps include:

  • Native applications: integrated development environments (IDE) and languages are used for mobile operating systems such as Apple iOS or Google Android
  • Hybrid applications: these are developed using technologies like HTML, JavaScript and cascade style sheets (CSS), they are not as rich in functions as native applications
  • Progressive web applications: a PWA is a website that looks and acts as if it were a mobile application.
  • Encapsulated applications. An encapsulated application runs inside a container application.

How are Apps developed?

App development is a process that transforms an idea into a solution. It offers the possibility of presenting different projects and services in a dynamic, accessible manner, hence the importance of doing it with appropriate mobile app software development.

To develop an app, you must follow a series of steps.

Every application must start development with brainstorming. Therefore it is important to ask yourself certain key questions:

  • What need/needs does your application cover?
  • Who is your audience?
  • Why might they be interested in your application?
  • Who are your competitors and what do they do?
  • How can you stand out in the market?
  • Are you going to develop the App for iOS or for Android?

Taking this information into account, we proceed to the App prototype development and design phase through different implementation software programs.

Software development kits: the key to create mobile applications

In order to develop an App, it’s essential to have a mobile application software development kit, made up of a set of tools that allow us to create computer applications for a specific system.

Thanks to its application programming interface, this kit can include software and hardware to communicate with embedded systems.

Once the app is developed, we move on to the phase where we draft a marketing plan associated with the use and distribution of the app, before ending with an analysis of the results.

In Dreamtech5, we offer different mobile application development software programs, which improve user experience. During the sale, exhibition and presentation of your products this can make your company or SME stand out from the competitors.

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