AR Remote Assistance

As a Librestream partner, Dreamtech5 offers a remote assistance system with augmented reality technology. The software and hardware make it possible to carry out technical work where specialists can guide users, thereby reducing the training and assistance times.

Remote software assistance through augmented reality

Augmented reality helps solve problems beyond the screen, regardless of the location. This allows us, as experts, to guide people like technicians or clients through live broadcast. This is ideal to diagnose and resolve incidents.

Remote software assistance through augmented reality: Characteristics

Remote assistance through augmented reality offers a series of advantages like:

  • Support for different devices with AR technology.
  • Remote control of the guest’s device.
  • Easy integration in the back-office thanks to Onsight Call API.
  • Machine learning that recognizes objects and tags them automatically in their databases.
  • Connection with IoT platforms to show relevant information.
  • Add guests to Connect sessions. Ideal for clients and providers.

The result is that this software can review all the problems of any piece of equipment, such as machinery or servers, at any time jointly from the desktop through a variety of devices.

Various software solutions for different sectors

Virtual reality can be implemented in different sectors, providing support and allowing possibilities that improve the quality of all processes, including:

  • virtual reality software in medicine
  • virtual reality software in psychology
  • simulation and virtual reality software

In Dreamtech5 we use virtual reality for all the necessary processes and sectors to offer the best technology and user experience.

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