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Making an advertising video for a company usually focuses on showing the most positive aspects of the company who wants the video made. That’s why we can make and mix both real recordings as well as integrate real videos with 3D ones or use only 3D resources. The goal is to ensure the most spectacular and eye-catching production as possible.

These projects are typically delivered in video format and with the resolution that the client requests or taking into the account where the video will be played.

Purpose of marketing or advertising videos

The goal of a marketing video is to grab the attention of users and/or potential buyers of a brand or service by using the video. The focus is on promoting a brand, service or product on any digital channel. This is a way of providing content to every company’s marketing strategy.

Therefore a format for different devices with AR technology allows us to show what the company wants to its clients in a new and creative manner.

sport publicitario
spot publicitario 3D

Benefits of advertising videos combined with 3D technology

Advertising video with 3D technology provides truly important benefits for any company, including:

A new unique sales tool

You’ll obtain a unique, striking, creative and highly innovative sales tool. This type of video is something unconventional, it will quickly grab the users’ attention and motivate them to make a purchase.


Standing out from the competition for doing something different is important, but the public will also perceive you as a professional company due to the quality that the 3D video offers.

Resource optimization

Cost savings arise from the fact that a video of this quality can go viral and have a wide reach, which increases the likelihood of attracting clients and of course be recognized by more people.

Experience for the public

Using a different form of advertising videos like 3D videos or devices with AR technology provides a new experience for clients.

Dreamtech5 develops these advertising videos with technologies that will help you stand out from the competition.

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