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In our highly connected world, companies need to have a web page where they can showcase all their services. Dreamtech5 develops the site, and does all the programming necessary for the website to work properly.

Software for website design

These projects are typically built from scratch using HTML5, PHP and Angular technologies, or if the client requests it, using content managers that make it easier to manage what is seen on the website.

HTML5 Technology

This internal code is what decides the structure of a website. HTML5 is the latest version of the standard to create websites.


PHP is a programming language dedicated to developing applications for websites and creating web pages, enabling the connection between the servers and the user interface.

It is open source code, so it has no restrictions and is constantly being upgraded.


Angular is a development platform, built on TypeScript. This framework is based on components to create scalable web applications. Google maintains and constantly updates this program to improve the framework.

Why does my company need a high-quality website?

Having a high-quality website adapted to the needs of your company and your clients is essential because:

  • It increases the credibility and creates a brand: It is important to highlight that trust is one of the main ingredients for a sale to take place. If the client doesn’t trust us or our product/service, they are unlikely to buy it.
  • Control: control over the marketing content is one of the main benefits of having a website.
  • Productivity: forms, FAQs… This creates continual feedback with the client.
  • Reach: thanks to search engines, with good SEO positioning and a proper structure, the site can be well positioned and reach all potential clients.
  • Creating a community: obtaining leads, translating email lists or blogs into sales.

In Dreamtech5, we offer a variety of software programs to design websites which, when complemented with virtual and augmented reality and 3D video creation, can make your company or SME stand out from your competitors.

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