UX/UI Design

For many years the logical development of a program interface or online service has taken on great relevance as the user experience is highly important. Therefore, a proper, user-friendly interface design that helps the flows of interaction throughout the experience has become very important.

What is UX or user experience?

User experience is the process that occurs when a user browses on a digital interface. The following criteria must be taken into account:

  • The feelings that this interface transmits.
  • The atmosphere that encompasses it, that is, whether it is suitable for a successful experience.
  • If the interface addresses the users’ needs.

What marks the difference between a positive user interface and one that’s not? A software engineering user interface design, as this allows us to assess and analyse all these variables.

What does UX design involve?

We talk about user experience design (UX) with the purpose of defining the user experience, combined with a complete visual experience.

To create a UX design, we have to take the users’ expectations, needs and possible desires into account. How do we do it in Dreamtech5? With a structure and computer design, a joint hardware-software interface.

Therefore, different phases are analysed and conducted:

  • The research and analysis phase.
  • The creation and brainstorming phase.
  • The implementation phase.
  • The reporting phase.

What is the difference between and the combination of UX/UI?

UI design is more focused on the visual part for users:

Graphic designs: icons, shapes and images to give meaning to user actions.

Interface colours, illustrations, buttons, texts…

Typography: fonts, use of bold or underlining….

Page design: spaces between blocks, numbers of elements in the graphic interface…

UX design represents what we call “user science”, in other words, everything related to:

  • The strategy
  • The knowledge of the users’ needs
  • Creating prototypes, scenarios, etc.

In Dreamtech5 we combine different software programs and types of hardware that allow us to logically develop interface taking what’s important into account: the users’ experience.

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