Digital Twins

What are digital twins?

A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical object, process or service.

Virtual replicas

These virtual replicas are used to make simulations before the products are created and implement changes in real objects, with the goal of collecting data to predict how they will function.

How are digital twins created?

Digital twins are created by experts in the topic, using applied mathematics or data science, where the physics and operating data of an object are analysed and a mathematical model that simulates the original is developed.

Use of 3D representations

Through 3D representations and modelling in augmented reality we can create the following:

  • Prototypes of digital models
  • Digital twins
  • Digital Twin aggregates

What benefits do digital twins offer?

Through these three typical user cases they can predict different results based on variable data, which helps to determine where things should go or how they work before they are physically implemented.

This is on top of savings in terms of time and money, whether in the design, implementation, monitoring or improvement.

In Dreamtech5 we combine different software programs and types of hardware that enable the logical development of the interface taking what’s important for companies into account: savings in terms of costs and time, and obtaining a high-quality product.

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