E-Learning Solutions

E-learning projects are focused on creating training documents for workers or people involved with a company, using 3D videos.

All types of presentations which make it easier to understand content

Using these types of products we provide value by including both high-quality 3D images as well as explanatory animated videos in these presentations which help participants understand the content. All this is in addition to the ability to make the document interactive by creating games or tests.

Different formats that enable insertion into different platforms

E-learning projects and modules are typically delivered in two main formats, en HTML to be put online, or in SCORM. The latter format can be incorporated onto LMS platforms where users do the module and the platform includes the score obtained and saves it in the user’s profile on the LMS.

Quality and facility in training through VR and 3D videos

Augmented reality in 3D video format offers quality and facilitates training in these sectors.

Calling attention and training

A 3D infographic or an interactive video can call the students’ attention and diversify the training process.

The use of gamification in education helps engage students as it uses familiar and attractive language for most of them.

What benefits can companies find in using 3D video e-learning training?

  • It awakens the students’ curiosity.
  • It stimulates healthy competition.
  • These technologies connect people: Virtual learning allows people from different parts of the world to learn together as it eliminates geographic barriers.
  • Flexibility in time: Studying online gives students more flexibility. They can do the activities at their own pace, whenever and wherever they want.
  • The teacher also has greater flexibility and can share the same video class with thousands of students.
  • It allows for online evaluations.
  • It makes it possible to provide reports about students’ participation.

Dreamtech5 develops these learning environments, giving them user-friendly content, as well as implementing these technologies for all types of sectors in industry.

Sectors where we apply e-learning solutions

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