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Taking into account all the projects that we can develop based on 3D animations, 3D interactive resources are a way to access this information a la carte. In other words, the user is in front of an interface where they can click on different hotspots that show specific 3D content based on each hotspot.

What is the difference between a 3D interactive resource and a 3D video?

A 3D video provides information, whether for sales or for training, in a one-directional manner. Thanks to 3D interactive resources we ensure that users can decide what information they want to see at any time, thanks to a set of 3D videos. In other words, users can interact in the process of communicating the idea, choosing how and when they receive this information.

Which profiles are used in order to develop a 3D interactive resource?

Developing these types of projects involves two types of tasks:

  • The creation of 3D animations
  • The programming of the interactive environment

As such, these types of projects typically involve a longer development time in general than just creating a 3D video. In this case 3D designers have to create multiple videos and coordinate with the programmers who will set up the interactive environment to display them.

Interactive augmented reality

Interactive augmented reality is a technological resource that offers interactive experiences to users based on the combination of the virtual and real dimensions through the use of digital devices.

  • This augmented or virtual reality is characterized by:
  • Combining the real and virtual world
  • Offering interaction in real time
  • Adapting to the environment
  • Interacting and creating new experiences for the user and the environment

These 3D videos offer us unique experiences where users can interact with it and the virtual environment.

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