VR Garage for DRiV

Project: VR Garage for DRiV

Client: DRiV

Market: B2B

Tags: Virtual Reality

Date: 2019


Virtual Reality project developed for DRiV where we showcased a garage. In it we can see a car entering the centre of the garage to a rotating platform. Once the car stopped, the bodywork disappears, leaving only the chassis visible. Users can see the company’s line of products installed on the chassis. Using the remote controls, users can move around the garage using the hotspots available. Once close to the product, users can pick up the remote control to see the product up close and in detail. While this happens, users can see a video screening from their point of view that is related to the product they are holding at that moment.


The project required the environment to be highly interactive. We had to craft a space that recreated a garage with some animation that gave life to the surroundings. Then we faced the challenge of including all the company’s products on the car chassis and make them interactive for the user who could interact with each part using the headset and remote controls. The last step was to screen the video associated with each part once the user picked one up.


Thanks to the graphic engine and working on optimizing the polygons in the scene, we managed to show a garage environment in detail with corporate elements including the Monroe and Walker brands. We also optimized the car, chassis and parts that the client wanted to showcase. With VR oriented programming, we ensured that users could pick up each part using the controls to see the parts up close.


  • Virtual Reality
  • 3D
  • Animation


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