Virtual Stand for GATES

Project: Virtual Stand for GATES

Client: GATES

Market: B2B

Tags: Virtual Stands

Date: 2022


Virtual stand for GATES from the automotive sector that initially an external overview from above was shown which resembled a map. From this view we can access the different areas available, when users click on the hotspots displayed on the screen. Once the new scene is loaded, it will contain information points or links to view elements or websites. As a novelty, unlike other examples, this virtual space has animated elements like a welcome avatar and a videowall that plays a video on a loop.


The challenge in this virtual stand was to craft a larger space than the examples that we had previously created. A space that could be visited almost linearly, discovering the stand room by room with their respective information. The other involved the creation and inclusion of animated elements such as the welcome avatar and videowall playing a video on a loop.


By modelling the walls and the elements that gave content to the stand, we created a space to place images related to the brand’s products. We created various hotspots to move through the stand by clicking on them, and lastly we created animated GIFs to include the welcome avatar and the videowall. In the views of these GIFs, the camera rotation was blocked to prevent positioning problems of the GIF in the space.


  • 360º
  • Cubemap
  • 3D
  • Web


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