Virtual Stand for DRIV

Project: Virtual Stand for DRIV

Client: DRiV

Market: B2B

Tags: Virtual Stands

Date: 2021


Virtual stand for the automotive company DRiV that initially showed an external overview of the 3D space that had been developed. This view contains a series of hotspots that show content like videos or take users to a specific room from the stand. In some of the rooms, users can also access document, links, online meetings, etc.


The greatest challenge involved in this virtual stand was to include all the information to be displayed: videos, documents, links and an online meeting room. Therefore, we had to create a great deal of content that gave visual context to these requirements.


By hosting the stand online, we created both 360º views as well as the rooms that could be visited. In each room we placed hotspots that gave access to videos related to the brand, documents about products and links that led to the brand’s website. We also created a view to show a conference room with a button to access password-protected training sessions with the Zoom service.


  • 360º
  • Cubemap
  • 3D
  • web


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