SOLTEC Ecovoltaica panels

Project: SOLTEC Ecovoltaica panels

Client: Soltec

Market: B2B

Tags: 3D Videos

Date: May 2022


Video mixing real images, 3D overlays on real images and purely 3D shots. With this video Soltec presented a new way of understanding photovoltaic panels, what they call “Ecovoltaic”. The video showcases all the advantages that this concept has for the area surrounding the photovoltaic park.


The first challenge arose just after starting the video with the shot to be developed in 3D of a flower and the bee going into it. The next involved implementing elements developed in 3D superimposed and fully integrated into real shits. The last challenge involved creating the iconography to represent the 4 pillars upon which the Ecovoltaic concept is built.


Thanks to the 3D models of flowers and animals, we were able to recreate an environment rich in flora and fauna where we included the photovoltaic panels, either on a scenario created in 3D or others real scenarios. In the latter case, we illuminated the 3D models to ensure the ideal integration with the surroundings. The rest of the video featured images of the company’s events that the client asked to include in the project.


  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Animation
  • Video editing
  • Real video
  • 3D integration


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