RinGo by Koetania

Project: RinGo by Koetania

Client: Koetania

Market: B2B

Tags: Augmented Reality, Mobile / App Development, UX/UI Design

Date: August 2019


Mobile app developed for the jeweller Koetania in which users can personalize their wedding ring or band. Throughout the experience, users can choose the shape, colour, texture, stone to be set and even the inscription that they want to engrave. Once this process is completed, using AR technology, users can view how the final ring would like through a photo of their hand. Lastly, users can contact the store through a form to make the final order.


The bulk of this project involved the 3D development of all the models and their colour, texture variants and stone settings, in addition to the entire AR development to view the ring on the user’s hand. The rest involved the programming of the app itself and its contact form and exporting it to iOS and Android compatible formats.


The application was assembled based on Unity as we needed to have the capacity to take photos of the user’s hand to place the ring on it. For the photo to fit right, on the screen used to take the photo a template was placed to show users approximately where they needed to place their hand.


  • Unity
  • 3D
  • Programming


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