NATURGY Puente Nuevo Campus

Project: NATURGY Puente Nuevo Campus

Client: Naturgy


Market: B2B

Date: March 2020


This interactive 3D resource represents the facilities at Naturgy’s Puente Nuevo Campus. This interactive resource contains a home screen with an overview of the campus, where there are a series of hotspots which users can click to visit the different areas and facilities on the campus.


The fact of having to faithfully recreate the entire campus in 3D with its buildings and facilities, and therefore to make a 3D recreation not only the general shot but also each area which users can move to through hotspots.


The Dreamtech5 team travelled to the campus for a few days in order to take photos of the place both to know its architecture as well as to take into account the materials and textures that had to be represented in each building, area and facility. Once this stage was completed, the team proceeded to model, texture and illuminate all the buildings. After that, the team programmed the required codes for the interactive part to work correctly.


  • 3D Modelling
  • Photogrammetry
  • Video editing
  • Interactive Programming



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