MTG Systems Interactive Resource

Project: MTG Systems Interactive Resource

Client: MTG

Market: B2B

Tags: Interactive 3D

Date: January 2019


A 3D interactive resource developed with the goal of showing all the features of the product by MTG. The interactive resource shows a quarry with a machine working which has the MTG teeth installed on the bucket. The user can use the menu shown on the right to browse through the product features. Each interaction shows a 3D animation related with the characteristic that the user wants to learn more about.


To develop a 3D environment that represented a quarry to place the excavator as it was working. To apply the materials to the excavator and ensure as real an image as possible. To create the animations that would be carried out in each interaction available. To create an interactive interface that presented all the product information.


Once the models of the teeth were obtained, they were integrated into the bucket of an excavator. This excavator was placed in the 3D environment of a quarry and several animations were created that graphically covered the information to be shown in the interactive environment.

Once the entire graphic part was completed, we created the programming of the interactive resource so that each button led to a specific animation and showed the information in the form of a text or related animation.


  • 3D Modelling
  • Video editing
  • Interactive Programming


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