HYUNDAI e-learning module

Project: HYUNDAI e-learning module

Client: Hyundai

Market: B2B

Tags: E‑Learning Solutions

Date: January 2021


E-Learning training module for Hyundai that explains to users all the sales processes that a brand’s salesperson must follow. For this task we created a 3D avatar that explained all the steps to the users, from learning about the products to the documentation available and all the steps to follow to make a sale.


This course included a great deal of information, so the greatest challenge was to show it in the most pleasant and interactive way as possible. We had to create a 3D avatar and animate it to follow the narration requested for the project.


We conducted a prior study of the contents which allowed us to help the brand develop the course. Once this was done, in parallel we started to work on the layout of the slides and animating the avatar in 3D. Once these processes were completed, the content was placed on the slides to ensure a more user-friendly document. The fact that the avatar talked directly to the user created a connection between them so that users retained the information more effectively. Lastly, a final test was developed to measure the user’s knowledge after completing the course.


  • Storytelling
  • Storyline
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • 3D animation


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