FUJITSU Enterprise 5G

Project: FUJITSU Enterprise 5G

Client: Fujitsu

Market: B2B

Tags: 3D Videos

Date: January 2022


3D animation made for Fujitsu that promotes its private 5G network service. The video presented the features and advantages of a private 5G network, illustrating it with visual examples inside an industrial environment.


To create a futuristic environment where we visually highlighted the cases that could make use of this technology. We had to graphically reflect how the entire environment was connected at a high speed which provides a great advantage for whichever company contracts the service. Additionally, we had to show how the machinery worked based on the high-speed connection, which involved animating all the existing equipment.


To recreate that futuristic environment requested, we prioritized clean, white spaces in the 3D model of the environment. Animations were made of the machinery that the client needed. Using lines and visual effects, we illustrated the interconnections between the devices, as well as effects like sparks and code scans. Lastly, people were added in each scene to make it feel more user friendly.


  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Animation
  • Video editing



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