BASF Goliath® Gel

Project: BASF Goliath® Gel

Client: BASF


Market: B2C

Date: December 2018


Creation of a 3D video that showed the characteristics and efficacy of Goliath® Gel, a product by BASF. The video shows the form of the product, how to apply it and how it acts, specifically on cockroach infestations.


The complexity of this video lay in creating a visually realistic environment where this infestation could take place. On the other hand, we had to address the complex animation of the cockroaches and how they acted when the product was applied.


The texturing of a striking environment, in this case a professional kitchen, gave us the solution to the environment we were looking for. The individual animation of each cockroach made the video more dynamic, ensuring that they interacted with each other, which is what the product in the video needed in order to act.


  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Animation
  • Video editing



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