FERROVIAL Electric Highways

Projects: FERROVIAL Electric Highways

Client: Ferrovial

Market: B2C

Tags: 3D Videos, Advertising Videos

Date: February 2022


In this video we integrated 3D elements with real images of people talking, and, in the second part, we represented how the electric highway projects proposed by the company Ferrovial would work in the future, showing how there would be a lane reserved to charge the electric cars in motion.


The creation of animations that would be integrated with the videos of two people talking, who had to be presented as holograms.  In close collaboration with the client, we also represented the electric lane on the highway and the ideas to be displayed in the video.


We created animations on blue lines with a luminescent effect to represent the holograms that had to be superimposed on the real images that were used in the video. The second part of the video used colour codes on the highway charging lane to represent the status of each car during the process. Shots of the interior of the car were shown to indicate how much the car was charged at any given time.


  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Animation
  • Video editing
  • 3D integration


Reproducir video acerca de ferrovial autopista

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