DRIV Interactive Garage

Project: DRIV Interactive Garage

Client: DRiV

Market: B2B

Tags: Interactive 3D

Date: January 2020


3D interactive resource that shows a model of a futuristic garage that includes an interactive resource with two initial options: a gas powered car and a diesel powered car. Once the choice is made, the user can move through the hotspots that represent different suspension products as well as car exhausts. In each element users can see a breakdown of the product and the explanatory texts. The project was translated to 14 languages.


The first was to optimize the modelling of each piece and apply texturing and photo-realistic lighting. Moreover, we created the input and output chamber animations to see the detail of the products, which were executed through hotspots in the interactive resource. Lastly, we carried out the translation, management and implementation of all the texts in 14 different languages.


Once all the product files were received, the 3D models were optimized and mounted on two different chassis, one with a gas engine and the second with a diesel engine. We had to create detailed, step-by-step animations of each product and a copy of the texts in all the different languages. Lastly, all the content was included in the programming which, allowed the user to access the information interactively via hotspots.


  • 3D Modelling
  • Video editing
  • Interactive Programming


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