Digital Twin for Acciona’s excavator

Project: Digital Twin for Acciona’s excavator

Client: Acciona

Market: B2B

Tags: Digital Twins, Virtual Reality

Date: 2021


R&D project based on virtual reality and wirelessly remote controlled machines through VR controls. By recreating the excavator cabin and the projection in front of the mass of cameras installed in the model, the user can use the existing controls in the scene and make the machine move in all directions, move the arm and bucket and rotate the arm left and right.


The great challenge in this project was undoubtedly placing the cameras in the model and later projecting the video on the VR scene as well as the required programming so that the excavator model moved as activated on the scene when handling the VR remote controls.


To be able to address the needs that were requested in the project, miniature cameras had to be installed in the excavator model, in such a way that it showed what the view from inside would look like. Once this installation was defined, we had to make modifications in the model so that instead of being handled by the remote control it was directed through the controls that we had in the VR experience. Lastly, we had to program everything necessary so that the scene and the movements of the model were synchronized wirelessly.


  • 3D Modelling
  • Virtual Reality
  • Arduino


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