Bioiberica. 100 years of Heparin

Project: Bioiberica. 100 years of Heparin

Client: Bioiberica

Market: B2B

Tags: 3D Videos

Date: December 2018


3D video made for the 100 year anniversary of heparin. The video explains how heparin works in the human body and its properties when we have a wound. It also shows the difference between a clot and thrombus, and how heparin is the most widely used drug in the world against thrombosis.


We had to represent different internal structures of the human body visually to be able to explain where thromboses can occur and how heparin works.


A 3D model was made of the human body with separate layers including organs and veins. Using the latter in sections, we represented red blood cells that travel inside the veins.


  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Animation
  • Video editing


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