Aritex Ad for a trade journal

Project: Aritex Ad for a trade journal

Client: Aritex

Market: B2B

Tags: Graphic Design

Date: May 2019


Development of visual material to publish an ad by the company Aritex in a trade journal.


To use visual resources reminiscent of the aeronautics sector, but at the same show futuristic technology and visual concepts. To create iconography that expresses a series of concepts to be defined in the composition.


Using images of a hanger that includes an air plane engine in the foreground and adding visual effects on a top layer through photo-montage, we managed to craft that futuristic concept in the image. Additionally, we developed icons in vector form to illustrate concepts developed in one of the two options available. All this also featured the company’s brand and corporate colours.


  • Graphic Design
  • Publishing design
  • Printing


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